Causes of factor X deficiency

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There are 2 known causes of factor X deficiency:

Inherited Factor X Deficiency

Factor X deficiency may be caused by a defect in the factor X gene that is passed down from parents to their children. To have inherited factor X deficiency, a person must receive a defective factor X gene from both parents.1,2

Inherited factor X deficiency affects approximately 1 in every 500,000 people.2

Acquired Factor X Deficiency

Factor X deficiency also may be caused by a medical condition or use of certain medicines. Acquired factor X deficiency is more common than inherited factor X deficiency, and may be caused by1,2:

  • Vitamin K deficiency—the body needs vitamin K in order to make coagulation factors
  • Severe liver disease—vitamin K is made in the liver
  • Use of anticoagulant medicines (eg, warfarin)—these medicines help prevent blood clotting
  • Amyloidosis—abnormal buildup of a protein called amyloid in various organs of the body
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